Creative coaching, Editing, & Teaching

My previous experience teaching and workshopping at my MFA program at the University of Arizona, acting as a coach through the Adroit Journal summer mentorship program, and working at Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency and in publicity/marketing at Bloomsbury USA, make me uniquely suited to help elevate your work. I’m available and ready to assist you in becoming the writer you’ve always wanted to be. To get in touch, fill out the Contact Form at the bottom of this page.

Creative Coaching Package ($150/month): In this package, I will schedule two 20 min phone call or Skype sessions* with you per month. One will be to discuss your goals for the month, and the other will be to offer notes and suggestions on a piece of writing up to 25 pages. We will also create goals for more engagement with the literary community, and discuss ways for you to grow as an artist.

Guest Lecturing/Teaching (Rates dependent on project): I am available for lecturing and teaching on a variety of subjects, including craft, reading/analyzing literature, and the publishing/literary world, in-person or through an online venue. Contact me and we can discuss your needs.

Manuscript Diagnostics ($100/25 pages—rates negotiable for longer work): I will read your work and write you a letter explaining what themes and craft choices I see, and how I think they are serving the work on the whole. I will also offer some questions and suggestions that might be used to move the work forward. We will also have a 20 minute phone call or Skype session* to discuss my comments.

MFA Application Package ($300): In this package, I will read through your application essay and writing sample and provide notes in two rounds. We will also schedule six 20 min phone call or Skype sessions* over the course of your application season as spaces for support and discussion about the process. In the 2019-2020 application, I will provide 1 marginalized student this service for free.

Online Workshop Leader ($75/45 min session): I am available to help moderate discussions for workshops for groups of up to 12 online. We will create a calendar for the workshop, as well as create a schedule of assignments if your group requires them.

* Please let me know if you need accomodations outside of using the phone/Skype. We can definitely work together to find the right communication method.

content cREATION

I have previous created content for a variety of publications, as well as written reading guides for fiction and non-fiction books at Bloomsbury USA. My work can be found on the Selected Writing page. As a professional writer, I’ll be able to deliver the content you need in a timely manner. To get in touch, fill out the Contact Form at the bottom of this page.

Articles & Blogging ($.25/word): I am available to write for your publication or blog on a variety of topics, including, but not limited to: book reviews, health, travel, the environment, identity politics, the literary world, strategies for writing, and diversity. I can work with you on what content you need, as well as deadlines and drafts/edits.

Reading Guides ($250): I write reading guides for fiction and non-fiction books that can be used for book clubs, teaching students about a reading, and more. These guides generally include an accessible summary of the book, 10-15 discussion questions, and related/suggested readings for further exploration. They can also be tailored to your needs.

marketing consulting

Having worked in marketing with accounts such as Gayle Forman Books, Bloomsbury USA, Sonora Review, and Clemson University, I can advance your marketing strategy and bring you the engagement you need. To get in touch, fill out the Contact Form at the bottom of this page.

Competitor Research ($25/hr): I will research other companies and products that exist in the market an provide you with a comprehensive report that will also include suggestions for how you can incorporate the information into your marketing strategy.

Marketing Copywriting ($25/hr): I am able to write copy for a variety of marketing materials, including, but not limited to: brochures, websites, posters, digital assets and catalogs. I will work with you to establish the message you want to send, write a draft, incorporate your feedback, and then provide you with the final product.

Social Media Strategy (Rates dependent on services provided): I am available to consult on social media strategy, from creating a brand, to establishing a post calendar, to writing sample posts for you. Contact me and we can work out your needs.

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